PMTC welcomes Dr Marcus O'Mahony as Senior Research Fellow

Posted on Fri, 11th October 2019

Marcus O’Mahony is a Senior Research Fellow with the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre at the University of Limerick. For the last 10 years, Marcus has contributed to pharmaceutical R&D in both academic and industrial environments. Marcus received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Limerick working with the Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre and then joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT as a postdoctoral researcher under Prof. Allan Myerson with the Novartis-MIT Centre for Continuous Manufacturing. Marcus later joined Vertex Pharmaceuticals and worked within formulation process development where, as a subject matter expert, he led the technical transfer of new drug product from early clinical batch manufacture to the commercial continuous manufacturing platform. He has contributed to fundamental unit operation understanding and also led an independent, cross-functional data science initiative while at Vertex. His research interests span the interdisciplinary fields of crystallization, particle and material engineering as well as intensified processing technologies for particulate solids and powders. His publications include a book chapter, 13 journal articles and 4 patents in the areas of pharmaceutical particle engineering and continuous manufacturing.

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