Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Society and Enterprise Fellowships

Posted on Wed, 27th February 2019

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Society and Enterprise Fellowships

What are the Society and Enterprise Fellowships?

The S&E Fellowships provide full funding of approx. €100k per annum for an excellent researcher to work for up to 2 years at a company, large or small, in Europe.

• What research areas are funded?
All areas of research including STEM subjects and the social sciences, humanities and economic sciences.

• Which companies qualify for the programme?
Any company with strong research/innovation activities can apply.

• Which researchers qualify for the programme?
Any researcher who complies with the following is eligible:
• Minimum experience: PhD or undergraduate degree + 4 years’ research experience
• Not lived/worked/studied in Ireland for more than 3 years in the 5 years before the application deadline.

Why apply?
A successful application will give your company a new full-time researcher, 100% funded by the European Commission, working on a project related to your organisation’s needs.

Identify a researcher and start planning

Conferences and your professional network is the best method of finding an applicant. Our office supports companies by publishing expressions of interest in April each year, we will also guide you as you prepare your application.

- Submission Deadline 11-Sep-2019
- Results Available Jan-Feb 2020
- Researcher Start Date April 2020 – Sep 2021

More information
Contact the Irish MSCA Office |


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