Data Analytics Guide Launch

Posted on Wed, 2nd December 2020

We are delighted to be launching our Data Analytics Best Practice Guide on Friday 4 December.

This Guide has been produced in collaboration with industry partners for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

The guide has been created with over 400 hours of interaction with industry. The views of 14 multinational and small to medium enterprises have been gathered through focus group discussions and a survey, with 7 organizations contributing their success and recommendations directly via case study presentations and interviews detailed in the guide.

The manufacture of safe medicines requires considerable regulatory oversight not found in other sectors, and so, the guide was also reviewed in consultation with the Health Products Regulatory Authority of Ireland. (HPRA)

Examples of the best, or at least the most successful, practices in the area of data analytics as applied to pharma and biopharma manufacturing have been identified and are offered along-side key findings presented throughout the guide.

Join us as we launch and highlight the work captured by this guide alongside a range of talks and panel discussion.

This event is free and will be on MS Teams. If you wish to attend, please register on Eventbrite, link below.

Register: Eventbrite Link

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