Career-Fit Plus Programme Call 2

Posted on Thu, 2nd July 2020

Enterprise Ireland is pleased to announce the second and final Call for Proposals for the CAREER DEVELOPMENT FELLOWSHIPS IN THE NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CENTRE AND TECHNOLOGY GATEWAY PROGRAMME.

The programme was designed to inject new talent and resources in the R&D&I sector in Ireland by means of recruiting 50 talented researchers from all around the world through an open competition to work on industry-focused collaborative projects for three years. Companies of any sector are eligible to participate!

Companies of any size are eligible!

Companies can be part of any number of applications! Eligible partner companies are based in Ireland and have business operations that engage in commercial exchanges with the goal of earning profits; they are trading in order to make a profit. They can either already be affiliated to the Technology Centre/Technology Gateway or become affiliated as a result of the fellowship award.

For further information, please contact:
Career-FIT & Career-FIT PLUS Programme Manager, Micol Martinelli

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