Membership of the PMTC

Membership of PMTC is open to all companies and research providing organisations with an interest in the development of pharmaceutical manufacturing expertise in Ireland.

Benefits to Members

  • We offer and facilitate access to the academic and research community
  • We provide CRO, EU funding and problem focused workshops
  • Through R&D we add value & importance to the Irish Pharmaceutical Industry

Key Benefits of the PMTC

  • We provide an opportunity for pharmaceutical clients and service providers to collaborate
  • We can help SMEs to keep up to date with technology trends in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry
  • We provide a unique environment for industry members to attend focus groups to identify common pharmaceutical manufacturing issues and apply 100% government funding to research in an effort to provide a solution
  • We provide a fantastic opportunity for SMEs to access research facilities and specialist equipment that they couldn't afford to engage with or implement
  • We have been successful engaging with industry providing a source of collaboration
  • We have a pro-active steering committee with a dynamic approach 

If you're reading this please contact us!

Please contact Sarah Hayes (Sarah.E.Hayes[AT] or pmtc[AT] who will connect you with the relevant research team