Dr Anne Moore : Successful Enterprise Ireland Capital Call 2020, over €100k awarded

Posted on Fri, 12th June 2020

Enterprise Ireland Capital Call 2020

Dr. Anne Moore, in the School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at UCC, will establish a suite of equipment for automated liquid dispensing and additive manufacturing in the School. This will permit further research and development of a number of aspects of microneedle patch-based products for skin administration of drugs and vaccines in partnership and collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. It will provide access to precision liquid dispensing and to biocompatible micron-resolution stereolithography equipment to Irish industry and academia. Once established, this facility will act as a hub for a network of Irish SMEs and industrial partners with interest in this area. Common, non-commercially sensitive, expertise will be shared across this network to facilitate more efficient, successful and competitive R&D by SMEs, industrial and academic partners across a range of commercial and pharmaceutical fields.

Dr. Anne Moore is a vaccine immunologist who has expertise in developing and translating vaccines from concept to clinical trial. She has been involved in development of vaccines for viruses such as HIV, Ebola virus, influenza, RSV, HPV and also against malaria, at the Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, University of Michigan and the Jenner Institute, University of Oxford. Since joining UCC in 2007, she has developed a research focus on novel vaccine delivery systems that increase the shelf-life of the vaccine and avoid the use of needles-and-syringes to administer the vaccine into the body.

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