Knowledge Day

PMTC 6th Annual Knowledge Day, Thursday 24 September 2020

We would like to thank all our Guest speakers for their informative and innovative presentations for our 1st virtual Knowledge Day. They all helped to make it a a successful and engaging event with great interaction from our audience.

We are delighted to be able to share the following presentations from the day :

**Cleaning Process Development, A Case Study by Novartis : Presented by Derval Farrell, Novartis & Rabah Mouras, PMTC

**In-Silico Multiphysics-Based Digital Twins for Continuous Manufacturing Process in the Pharmaceutical Industry : Presented by Akeem Olaleye, UL

**Marie Curie Career-Fit Fellowship: A Full 360º View : Presented by Sandra Lenihan &Alex Krok, CIT; & Kieran Coffey, Pfizer

**The Workplace Knowledge System: Managing your Organisation’s Corporate Knowledge : Presented by Fearghal O’Hare, IMR

** Immersive Technologies for Manufacturing Continuity : Presented by James Corbett, Simvirtua & Thom Strimbu, VRC

If you are interested in any areas that were included or have a specialist topic you would like to discuss further; please contact us on:

Some images below that capture the day and 2020


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PMTC 5th Annual Knowledge Day

Our 5th Annual Knowledge Day took place on Thursday, 29 August in the Kemmy Business School, UL

We were delighted to be included in the Award winning Irish technology news website, please see link below.

We are embarking on a 'new phase’ after securing €5 million in funding. We provide advanced technology solutions for the pharma-sector.
PMTC has appointed a new director and will expand its research focus to include data analytics as it launches ‘PMTC Phase 2’ following confirmation of funding from Enterprise Ireland, with support from IDA Ireland.

A key objective for the centre is to place small and medium enterprises into direct contact with multinational corporations operating in the pharmaceutical and biopharma sectors in Ireland, allowing them to collaborate in an innovative research programme.

The Knowledge Day topics were directly relevant to the pharmaceutical industry including the latest research progress with regards to plant cleaning & changeover, process development, control, optimisation and data analytics.

• Keynote addresses by industry thought leaders and academics
• Lightning talk sessions detailing PMTC industry led research collaborations with partner companies
• Lightning talk sessions from our SME partners
• Vendor exhibition, Q&A and networking sessions

Highly regarded thought leaders from the Universities of Birmingham & Strathclyde in the UK shared their insights on pharma manufacturing control and optimisation. Professor Paul Sharatt from Singapore presented on “Cleaning by Design”.

Darren Whitaker from Perceptive Engineering Limited discussed opportunities of Machine Learning for Pharmaceutical Process Development with relevance to PMTC data analytics/utilisation research theme PMTC 2

We also hosted a keynote guest speaker on innovation. Daragh O’Shea from Mac Skystone and Daragh talked on the Customer Discovery process for Innovation – Hard Learned Lessons.

We are delighted to share Guest speakers Presentations and Lightning talks from the day. We have also included some photos that capture the day's presenters and attendees.


4th Annual Knowledge Day

We’d be delighted if you can join us for our 4th Annual PMTC Knowledge Day. The day will include topics directly relevant to your industry including the latest work on plant cleaning and changeover plus applications of PAT to continuous manufacturing.

  • Experts from the University of Birmingham, Eli-Lilly, GSK, Rutgers University, Alfa-Laval, Amgen and Steris will share their insights into topics such as continuous manufacturing, PAT, vessel cleaning and cleaning validation
  • Chawton Innovation Services will give an interesting take on Innovation and Intellectual Property
  • Lightning talk sessions will detail PMTC core funded projects
  • Partner companies and vendors will exhibit their latest technology and offerings
  • Poster and networking sessions will allow insightful discussion and collaboration

Please Register today for this event by clicking here. The agenda and running order for the day is attached.

3rd Annual Knowledge Day Review

Leaders in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in Ireland gathered for the third annual PMTC Knowledge Day. The event provided a showcase for the cutting-edge research supported by the centre with key note addresses from industry thought leaders who shared their vision of the future for the pharmaceutical sector.

Speakers included industry experts and academic leaders from international organisations such as Hyde Engineering, Pfizer, University of Cambridge, Novartis and Ecolabs, among others.

“Ireland has a renowned pharmaceutical sector: Research and development in pharmaceutical manufacturing and process efficiencies is critical to strengthening and developing it. PMTC research is bringing forward novel technologies to advance Irish-based biopharmaceutical companies which ultimately will deliver highly-skilled postgraduate jobs, driving enterprise and employment growth in the region,” PMTC Director, Chris Edlin said. “This annual event brings together academic groups, industry and government agencies to showcase state-of-the-art applied research into contemporary industry problems. It was extremely pleasing to welcome established partners plus a growing cohort of new companies interested in collaboration,” Dr Edlin continued.

For those who attended the day, please complete the survey - here



Knowledge Day 2017

We’d be delighted if you can join us for our 3rd Annual PMTC Knowledge Day. The day will include topics directly relevant to your industry including the latest progress with plant product to product changeover cleaning plus applications of PAT to continuous manufacturing.

  • An introduction by Seán Kelly MEP, Leader Fine Gael Delegation in the European Parliament emphasising the importance of the Biopharma sector in Europe
  • Keynote addresses by industry thought leaders and academics on Cleaning & PAT
  • Lightning talk sessions detailing PMTC core funded projects, partner companies and funded collaborative opportunities
  • Vendor Exhibition, Q&A, poster and networking sessions

Highly regarded thought leaders from Novartis, Hyde Engineering, Ecolabs and University of Cambridge will share their insights into the latest progress with regards to plant changeover cleaning and PAT

In addition, there will be keynote addresses from Enterprise Ireland describing funding and commercialisation topics and Dr Jay Chopra from Making Shift Happen will discuss how to inspire Creativity and Innovation In Your Organisation.

Please Register today for this event at: (search for Knowledge Day). 

The agenda and running order for the day is attached.

Knowledge Day 2016

Thought leaders from the pharmaceutical industry came together at the 2nd Annual PMTC knowledge day.