About the PMTC

The PMTC was established in December 2013 and is led by an industry steering board with an active research program, in leading Irish RPOs, driven by its industry members. Companies access PMTC to create projects & execute world-beating industry-relevant research in advanced technology solutions which address contemporary manufacturing issues.

What we do at PMTC

The PMTC is mandated to address the complete pharmaceutical manufacturing process from:

Supply Chain

Enabling technologies and disruptive innovation will lead to a range of state of the art, modular competencies.

In combination these innovations will address the contemporary technological and societal challenges the sector faces which are:

  • Millions of new patients as companies enter emerging markets
  • A shift to outcomes based therapy
  • Ever expanding number of venues providing healthcare
  • Personalised and precision medicines
  • Increased economic burden of providing healthcare
  • An ageing population presenting multiple chronic diseases

Research Themes