Powder Processing

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Aim:  Our team in CIT is developing a model to predict compaction dynamics in tableting presses for bilayer and non-conventional shaped tablets

Research: We are using mechanical material characterisation techniques, which will be correlated to tableting performance. Modelling will yield representation of the underlying mechanical-physical phenomena and enhance tablet process understanding which will increase productivity and product quality (i.e. solid dosage for patient).

Impact: The expected impacts of the research program are:

  • Estimate tablet density and stress distribution of all tablet shapes
  • Determine elastic deformation during ejection
  • Assess the origin of defect or crack deformation
  • Estimate the breaking force of non-standard tablets
  • Investigate the effect of interactions (i.e. friction) between the powder and tooling (die wall  etc)
  • Optimise the effect of tooling (punch shape, dwell time, etc.)
  • Prediction of bilayer compaction dynamics

Case Studies

If you are interested in more information:

Please contact Ahmad.B.Albadarin (Ahmad.B.Albadarin[AT]ul.ie) or Fiona Gilchrist (Fiona.Gilchrist[AT]ul.ie) who will connect you with the relevant research team