Enabling & Control of Continuous Processing

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Aim:  Continuous processing, the use of process analytical technology, and the introduction of modular plug-and-play processing equipment are believed to be the future of the pharmaceutical manufacturing.  High production rate and in-line quality checks makes continuous more effective and will be a cost and time effective process compared to batch manufacturing. We are establishing best practice through QbD and PAT initiatives to achieve a consistent quality product from continuous processing.

Research:  We are investigating key operations in medicines production.  The UCC team is researching approaches to continuous feeding, blending and direct blending.  The UL team is focussing efforts on PAT integration and yielding information from data. Roller compaction, twin screw granulation and fluidised bed spray systems are the main test beds.

Impact: Our work is delivering implementable solutions to our industrial partners.  We have  a track record in enabling manufacturing change; boosting productivity, output and profit by matching technical issues and challenges to state-of-the-art solutions in measurement, simulation, software and statistical know how. 

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Please contact Ahmad.B.Albadarin (Ahmad.B.Albadarin[AT]ul.ie) or Fiona Gilchrist (Fiona.Gilchrist[AT]ul.ie) who will connect you with the relevant research team