Members and Partners

Current members of the PMTC community include multi-national pharmaceutical companies; service providers; indigenous companies and start-ups; higher education institutes and national research centres.

Current academic members are:

Current national research partners are (NIBRT is the PMTCs partner for biopharma projects.):

Current Industry partners are:

Membership of PMTC is open to companies and research providing organisations with an interest in the development of advanced technology solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in Ireland

Engagement Models

The main engagement model in PMTC is participation on a PMTC core-funded project. This is where the project is defined by members and funded from the core grant. Industry participants are expected to contribute to the project with market knowledge, specification direction, reviews or benefit-in-kind. Projects are collaborative and often involve multiple industry participants participating in a project. Projects are identified and then follow a rapid 6 step process to a funded outcome.

For PMTC core-funded projects there is a simple industry-designed IP cascade model as shown below which gives members an exclusive right of first sight of the IP. No matter who the research partner for the project is, all exploitation is through PMTC to provide a standardised single point of contact for IP commercialisation. License agreement boilerplate templates are used with standard terms to absolutely minimise licensing overheads and reduce time to market.

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How do I join?

Membership of PMTC is open to all companies and research providing organisations with an interest in the development of pharmaceutical manufacturing expertise in Ireland.

Membership of PMTC will need to be approved by the Industry Steering Board. Prospective members should e-mail Once a member is accepted into PMTC they will need to sign bye-laws for the centre and if they wish to benefit from PMTC core-funded projects they will need to sign an IP and collaboration agreement. There is no membership fee for academic members and annual membership fees for industry members are as follows:

Company Size Membership Fee Research/Service Credit Component Total
< 10 €500 €0 €500
< 50 €2,000 €0 €2,000
< 250 €2,000 €6,000 €8,000
> 250 €4,000 €12,000 €16,000
  • The annual fee has a research/service component to it.
  • This ‘credit’ can be used for individual research programs or combined with other companies to create a bigger pot for larger projects.
  • Additionally, this fee can be used to leverage investment for industry/state co-funded projects.

The research service component of the fee can be rolled over for one year.