PMTC Research Workshop - Cleaning and PAT - 7th March

Posted on Tue, 13th March 2018

A workshop was conducted by PMTC researchers covering PMTC core research themes based on cleaning in the pharmaceutical industry, chemometrics and PAT. This was held on the 7th March 2018 in the River Lee hotel in Cork. This workshop was attended by a large cohort of industry members, non-members and academics. The Guest speakers included Julien Landel from the University of Manchester, UK; Charles Baznet from Pflauder, France; and Dermot Mulcahy from EcoLab. 

The aim of this workshop was to provide an overview of the PMTC Core Funded research themes. These themes are related to:

  • The mathematics of cleaning
  • The development of point-and-shoot devices for cleaning applications
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Chemometrics

With regards to cleaning, we discussed mathematical models and experiments to describe the physical processes essential to cleaning. In another cleaning-related study, we showcased a bench top prototype to determine the sensitivity of Deep Ultraviolet Resonance Raman Spectroscopy for use with pharmaceutical APIs and cleaning agents. Statistical techniques to extract meaningful and impactful information from messy data was also demonstrated.

Slides from all presentations given on the day are available for download below. If you are interested in attending future events like this one, please sign up to the PMTC newsletter form the home page.



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