PMTC welcomes Dr Rabah Mouras as Senior Research Fellow

Posted on Fri, 11th October 2019

Dr. Rabah Mouras is a senior research fellow in pharmaceutical cleaning processes at the department of Chemical Sciences, University of Limerick. He is leading the strategic theme “pharmaceutical cleaning” within the centre.

Rabah’s research interests are in the field of biophotonics and non-destructive optical metrology based on optical micro-spectroscopies (IR, Raman, Fluorescence, FTIR, CARS, SRS…) (more than 15 years of experience in the field). These techniques have a wide appeal in both biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing and continue to prove their usefulness as process analytical technologies (PAT). He is also interested in the use of novel computational modelling methods (COSMO-RS) to predict physico-chemical properties (solubility, activity coefficient, partition coefficients log(P)… etc) of solids and liquids. This fast screening model can help drug formulators with the selection of the most appropriate excipients to solubilise the model compound. It also plays an important role in saving time and solvents while designing new efficient cleaning process by screening for numerous solvents and mixtures.

Since joining PMTC, Rabah was involved in different industrial projects on pharmaceutical cleaning in collaboration with five multinational industrial partners. He has been working on the development and implementation of tools and methodologies for pharmaceutical cleaning. His experience in material and surface science, modelling and non-destructive analytical and characterisation techniques allowed him to develop efficient cleaning protocols for some hard to clean drug substances.

Rabah has experience in leading projects and attracting funding and has secured over ~€870 k from different sources (IPPs, feasibility studies…) to fund his research. He also has a proven track-record of productivity and dissemination, resulting in publication of 40 peer-reviewed papers, one book chapter and over 40 conference presentations including 10 oral and 3 invited talks. (over 761 citations and h-index of 16)

For future projects he aims to build a multi-disciplinary team including physicists, chemists, and chemical engineers to translate this technology from basic research into commercial/industrial applications. He is particularly interested in the development of new rapid measurement systems based on vibrational techniques for applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing and real time monitoring.

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