Member Benefits

PMTC is focused on delivering benefits to both industrial and academic research partners to ultimately create added value to the Irish economy. Some of the benefits for industrial partners include:

  • Unrivalled opportunity to direct 100% state funded multi-million euro research projects to ensure relevance to your company needs
  • Unrivalled awareness of outputs of these 100% state funded research projects
  • Professionally managed and timely access to IP and research outputs at fair market rates
  • Pre-agreed, preferential terms to ensure seamless transfer and low transaction cost of core funded research project output in to Industry/state co-funded or 100% industry funded projects with Centre RPO Parties
  • Opportunity to influence direction and access output of other 100% State funded programme
  • Opportunity to identify talent for future recruitment
  • Access to core capability and skills in continuous processing, mathematical modelling, statistics and process optimisation
  • Access to members only networking forum and events plus meetings with key industry players, academia, regulators and government agencies

Operations and Facilities

Even though projects may be executed in any Irish University or Research Institute, the PMTC uses standardised industry-level project management practices and design flow on all projects. Project templates and IP terms are predefined for core projects and part/fully funded single and multi-industry partner projects. PMTC centralises access to facilities, tools and equipment for all projects including:

  • Access to key national academic capabilities including:
    • UL National Powder Extrusion Facility
    • UL Pharma Secondary Processing Suite
    • UL Pharma Analysis Suite
    • UL HIPO Processing Laboratory
    • UL MACSI Team
    • UCC Bench Scale Processing Capability
    • WIT PMBRC Processing Capability
  • PMTC as a broker for pairing companies with research partners
  • PMTC assistance on additional project funding applications
  • Dedicated PMTC office space in the Bernal Building (early 2015) with hot desks for visiting members



PMTC is led by a steering committee which sets the vision and strategic direction for the centre. The steering committee is chaired by a respected industry figure and comprises 6 industry members (4 multinational, 2 SME), the academic leader of the centre, a representative from the host institution plus another academic representative. The industry and academic representatives serve a 2 year tenure. The PMTC Director who sits on the board (without voting rights) is responsible for implementing this vision and for the day-to-day operations of the centre.

Decision making at steering committee level will be made by board majority with the Chairperson retaining a casting vote in the case of a deadlock situation. Steering committee representatives for each of the groups identified above will typically serve a two year term. Rotation of board representatives will be staggered to ensure the board benefits from experience gained over time. To ensure the Centre is continually supported by the Host Institution, UL’s VPR will be a permanent member of the PMTC board. A representative from SFI will be invited to be an observer at the board (together with observers from EI and IDA) to ensure alignment of the centre’s activity with other publicly funded pharmaceutical research.

The current members of the steering committee are:

John Flanagan
PMTC Chairman
JP Flanagan Consulting Ltd.
Donal Coveney
Managing Director
Ian Jones
Innopharma Labs
Siobhan Camplisson
Director of Technical Operations
Padraig Somers
Local General Manager
Pharma Business, Helsinn Birex Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Conor Collins
Technical Shared Service Head
Liam Tully
Process Development Center Director
Gavin Walker
Academic Lead, Bernal Professor of Powder Processing
University of Limerick
Mary Shire
Vice President of Research
University of Limerick
Niall O'Reilly
Manager, Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre
Waterford Institute of Technology
Michael Napier
Scientific Fellow
Janssen Global Technical Services
Yvonne Kennedy
Senior Director
Legal Contract Support


The PMTC is led by its Director, Dr Chris Edlin, who is responsible for the overall direction, financial control and management of the research in the Centre. The Director is responsible for delivering and implementing the business plan and takes a leadership role in fostering pharmaceutical manufacturing research at a national and international level, in conjunction with industrial and academic partners, and funding agencies. Chris has a background in big Pharma, not-for-profit organisations plus formation and management of SMEs.

Gavin Walker
Academic Lead, Bernal Professor of Powder Processing
Principal Investigator
University of Limerick
Kevin Hayes
Principal Investigator
University of Limerick
Mark Southern
Principal Investigator
University of Limerick
William Lee
Principal Investigator
University of Limerick
Kevin Ryan
Principal Investigator
University of Limerick
Eithne Dempsey
Principal Investigator
Institute of Technology Tallaght
Niall O'Reilly
Manager, Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre
Principal Investigator
Waterford Institute of Technology
P.J. Cullen
Principal Investigator
Dublin Institute of Technology
Abina Crean
Principal Investigator
University College Cork
Sandra Lenihan
Principal Investigator
Cork Institute of Technology
Peter O'Brien
Principal Investigator
Tyndall Institute